Planning the features for the next EduFeedr release

It is more than 5 months since we completed the previous release of EduFeedr. In recent months we have been busy with teaching and other projects. EduFeedr has been used for several courses in Estonia, Finland and Spain. There are several important limitations in the current version that we want to address with the upcoming releases. This posts summarizes the improvements that we have planned for version 0.6.

Aggregating post from one category/label

Current version of EduFeedr is not able to aggregate blog posts from a certain WordPress category or Blogger label. This limitation is not important when participants create a separate blog for each course. However, in Tallinn University our master students are using the same blog for several courses. In that case all the posts from their blogs are displayed on the course feed page. Facilitator can hide unrelated posts, but this requires a lot of manual work. We are currently working on the new discovery script that will be able to aggregate posts from a certain category/label.

Participant profile

Participant profile will include links to all blog posts and comments that the person written on the course. You can see the prototype of participant profile in ticket #156.

Connecting posts, comments and assignments

In order to link blog posts in student blogs with the assignments in course blog we ask course participants to include a link to the assignment in their blog posts. In reality only part of the students will include this link in their post. We are planning to add a select menu where the facilitator can choose the assignment and connect the blog post with that. You can see prototype in ticket #154.

In a similar way we are planning to connect comments with the person who wrote the comment (see prototype #155). These connections will be used for displaying comments in the participant profile.

Using a nickname

In some cases people prefer not to blog under their real name. If the participants wants her nickname to be displayed instead of real name she must enter her nickname and mark a checkbox in the enrollment form (see prototype #157). Logged in facilitator will still see her full name together with the nickname on course pages.

Combined RSS feed

We are planning to add two combined RSS feeds to the course feed page. One feed will include all the blog posts from the course and another will include all the comments (see ticket #158).

List of participants in CSV format

In some courses the facilitator has to give grades to the participants. Grading is complicated issue in a blog-based courses. EduFeedr doesn’t solve this issue because the students don’t have user accounts in our system. We are planning to provide CSV file with all participants and assignments. This file can be used in Excel or any other spreadsheet software to calculate points and grades (see ticket #148).

We are looking for your comments about these features and other critical issues that we should solve in the in the forthcoming releases.

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