Removing inactive user accounts

Recently we had to deal with a large number of spam bots that registrated to EduFeedr. Unfortunately there was no good way to separate real users from spam bots. In order to clean up the system we decided to remove all user accounts that were not facilitators in a course. This included also real people who had registrated to EduFeedr but had not created a course. All together we removed more than 70000 user accounts and only 41 accounts were left.

All the course data remained intact. Remaining users are able to continue using EduFeedr as before. Registration of new users is disabled until we have released a version update. Currently our developers are busy with other projects, so I am afraid that we are not able to release an update before the summer. Until then we can manually create user accounts for people who are interested to use EduFeedr as their course aggregator. If you need a user account in the system, please contact us by e-mail:

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