New release of EduFeedr

We have completed a bug fix release that solved several issues that we were known for a long time. EduFeedr 0.5.2 contains following changes:

  • EduFeedr is now able to aggregate blog posts from WordPress categories and Blogger labels. This is important when people use the same blog in several courses. (#162)
  • Participants list can be downloaded as CSV file. This is useful when a facilitator needs to grade the assignments. CSV file can be imported to Excel or other spreadsheet application as a table with all participants and grading column for each assignment. (#148)
  • Incorrect blog URL’s are automatically fixed during the enrollment. (#163)
  • Enrolling the same blog twice is not allowed. (#129)
  • Course blog URL cannot be changed after creating the course. (#164)
  • Several changes to how information is displayed in EduFeedr. (#134, #136, #149, #159, #165, #166)

This is our first release since October 2010. In the meanwhile our research group has been working with another software for managing blog-based courses — Dippler. In Dippler project we have taken more institutional approach on blog-based courses. Dippler has a central interface for managing courses and requires a special plugin in student WordPress. Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. EduFeedr is more suitable for open courses where participants are not affiliated to one institution. We are planning to continue providing EduFeedr as a free service and do minor updates. However, we do not currently have a separate funding for continuing the development of EduFeedr.

Due to problems with spambots we have not reopened the registration form. Educators who are interested to use EduFeedr in their courses have to contact us to get a user account. So far EduFeedr has been used in more than 40 courses in Estonia, Finland, Spain and Portugal.

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